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New Books, Next Books In the Works -- 2015


THe fall of 2014 was marked by the publication of the Boundary Rider, (#17 Mountain Man Series) and number six in the English Archer Series, Sky Queen Hunting Hawk. Also finished another of the self-help books, Life's Full Circle.

January 2015 found me back with the Allen Dowling Series, bringing the number there to five with a longer book, THe Gary-Allen Eateries.

Have started another series this year as well. A new western series that picks up in the period just after the Civil War: the Fletcher and Tate Series volumes one and two. The characters are partners who bring law and order to the towns along the Kansas-Missouri border. The titles are: Riding Shotgun (1) and Frontier Marshals (2) which came out on April 3, 2015.

Also, look for the next new character, a Mountain Man, my title for now is going to be Hard to Kill. It will be a study of the life of John Colter and Sam Glass. It will feature the incredible survivalism of the early Mountain Men. Am also working on a book of poetry, Spokes of Life. Should be an exciting year ahead! 

English Archer Series #6
Fletcher and Tate Series Vol. I