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New Books, Next Books In the Works -- 2016


Volume VI of the Sam Ogden series now available (Publication date 12/16/2015) as he and Clyde Patterson and his new Mandan wife winter in the Grand Valley to the Southwest of the Rocky Mountains: "Rocky Mountain Cabin." The month of December was a busy one, after finishing volume #19 of the first Mountain Man Series, "Rocky Mountain Return."

I published another book of poetry (#3) entitled: "Poetic Fires," It went on sale for New Years 2016.

The new pre-medieval series started last summer appeared under the title: The Champion's Sword. The second volume of the MacGregor Saga, entitled, "Twin Towers," went on sale Christmas day 2015.

The first book of 2016 is now nearly complete, volume #7 in the Sam Ogden Mountain Man series, working title so far: Free Trappers.



Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series Vol. III
Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series Vol. III