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New Books, Next Books In the Works -- 2016


January-February 2016


Volumes VII and VIII of the Sam Ogden Series! "Free Trappers" came out on January 19 and is receiving a lot of attention from Series Readers. In February, "Wilderness Wagonneer" appeared.


April 2016


Volume #20 of the first Mountain Man Series was published on April 4rth, entitled: "The Gold Wagon." It explores the challenges of success in the gold fields of California in the midst of the Gold Rush, 1852.

Volume #9 of the Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series came out on April 25th, entitled: Bent's Fort Run. Volume #10 will be out in May!

Next Projects:
 Planning a new character and new series based on the Journals of Lewis and Clark, a John Coulter type individual. Lots of resources for that one.


Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series Vol. VII
Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series Vol. III