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New Books, Next Books In the Works -- 2015


Volume V of the Sam Ogden series now available (Publication date 10/21/15) as he and Clyde Patterson winter in the Slanting Village of the Mandan Indians. Sam takes a wife, but smallpox strikes the village and the trappers are on the wilderness trails again.

This year so far, I've created four new characters : Thomas Fletcher (Riding Shotgun and Frontier Marshals) as well as Sam Ogden (Hard to Kill and Winter Down, Rendezvous Prize and The Deerslayer's Destiny; Sam, My Warrior). The Sam Ogden series has taken off faster than any of my previous character series. 

I also added a short novel, MY SHACK, the story of Tommy Harper, at the end of May, it was a re-publishing of a book from 1991 and contains some original poetry about homelessness. I have rediscovered poetry after being away from it for several years, and have written over 100 poems this year.

The new pre-medieval series just came out: The Champion's Sword. This first volume of the MacGregor Saga traces the development of twin brothers Connor and Donal MacGregor as they train to become King's Champions in ancient Ulster on the Isle of Erin. The second volume is already written. 

Will continue to focus on the two western series: The Mountain Man Series and the Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series. Volume 18 of the first Mountain Man Series was published on 9/21/15: River Gold to Die For.


Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series Vol. III
Sam Ogden Mountain Man Series Vol. III